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Dawn of the Dharmic Day is a newly relocated spiritual/religious organization, on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii.  We were sanctioned by Church on August 25, 1999, and by State on September 9, 1999 to operate as a Church Congregation/Non-Profit Organization. 

It is with great joy in my heart that I witness the growth of this fledgling congregation. This "Cyber Church" as I have dubbed it is off and running. And I, once again, have a tiger by the tail. (For those who know me well, this is not a surprise!)

In a word - Help!

What do we need? That's easy - everything!

I ask you to look within your heart (the attic, garage, basement, closets, etc. would be good too!), and ask yourself if there is something you have an excess of, or items which are no longer in use, which could be utilized by Dawn of the Dharmic Day at this time to assist others? Do you have anything on the list of needed items? If so, please contact us immediately.

I have developed a "Wish List" for the congregation, and ask you to assist where you are able to. All donations are tax deductable, and most gratefully appreciated.

Wish List

Office/Computer Equipment of every type-
(no donation too small or too large)

A Meaningful Computer, dreaming of a MacBook Pro laptop

Plain Paper Fax Machine


Digital Camera

Every office supply you could imagine -

Card table(s)

A gathering space for local meetings (house, storefront, loft, etc.)

Ceremonial land on the island of Maui

Barter/Donation of your goods and services

Volunteers for LIVE and online activities

Board Members to fill the slot for Public Relations and Fund Raising activities

Founding Members - email me for more details.

Sponsors for our various expenses

Funding for future projects ~ especially the Maui BlissFest 2012

What are some other ways to assist?

By supporting the goods and services of our affiliated organizations, specifically The Human Crystal, and Rev. Amber Lightfoot, who tithe up to 50% back to the Dawn of the Dharmic Day.

Contact me at Dawn of the Dharmic Day with any feedback or quesions you may have. Phone: 480.710.7459 or email me now!