Dawn of the Dharmic Day Affiliated Links

The homepage of Amber Lightfoot.

The Human Crystal
My favorite online store! Why? Becuase it's mine. LOL. Click on by for a visit, and you'll love it too.

Amber's Crafts
Check out my handmade dreamcatchers, smudge fans, jewelry, and other ceremonial items.

The Sanskrit word Emaho is an expression of joy and wonder, and an invocation for auspiciousness. Emaho is dedicated to sharing Tibetan culture with the West.

Universal Life Church
The Universal Life Church, founded by Kirby Hensley in 1959, is based on the philosophy of universal love and their credo is: "Do that which is right."

Religious Links

Tibetan Buddhist
Eightfold Path
Four Noble Truths
The Karmapa is Free!
The Dalai Lama's Instructions For Life

Native American Teachings
Legened of the Dreamcatcher

Cool Spiritual Sites

Sivananda Institute
Phenominal group. A "must see" site.

Deer Tribe Mets Medicine Society
Shamanic Medicine Society founded in 1975. An awsome body of knowledge which works!

The Hun ger Site
A phenomenal site where one click a day will feed staving people. You do have the power to make a difference.

The Mayan Calendar - Skytime's 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar
Truly the antidote to the Memory Virus "Matrix Syndrome" we are perceiving. Change your calendar - change your life!