What We Do

Drum circle held at Heart of the Lotus Healing Center

Rev. Amber Lightfoot performing a wedding vow renewal ceremony

Our intent is to hold LIVE healing and/or meditation sessions at least once a month (Maui ~ South Side). We will begin these in the Summer of 2012. Check our "Local Events" link for upcoming events!
  • Spiritual/Shamanic counseling for individuals and groups. Counseling is available live, via phone, email, mail, or online! Available NOW through Rev. Amber Lightfoot.
  • All religious/spiritual ceremonies (baptisms, weddings, rites of passage, funerals, etc).
  • We intend to create a strong resource center for those in need -- especially women and children! Donations are gratefully accepted, well needed, and tax deductible.
  • Assist people in empowering themselves and others via education, ceremony and networking. Check our "Local Events" Link.
  • Online Activities! Weekly prayer page, spirit gathering chats, and more.
  • ______________________! That's right! You may assist us in filling in the blank. What is it that you would like to see a religious/spiritual congregation doing, that isn't happening elsewhere? We're interested in your input, and would love to hear from you. Email us with any suggestions, comments, etc.

Our Current Focus

Solidifying our Board. Current Board Members are: Rev. Amber Lightfoot, Pastor; Rev. Laura Penna, Secretary; and Rev. Christina Barnes, Treasurer. If this is something which sings to you, contact us at 480.710.7459, or email us.

Creating a solid base of Founding Members. We'll be creating a link page for that soon.

The Dawn of the Dharmic Day Wish List!

We desire: a building/gathering space for the LIVE congregation; office equipment -- especially a computer, computer table(s); volunteers LIVE and online; ceremonial land in Arizona area; Barter/Donation for your goods and services (it's tax deductible); and of course, funding to continue building our dream.