About Us

Rev. Amber Lightfoot, Pastor
Rev. Lightfoot brings over thirty years of counseling/reading experience to her Healing Practice. She is an Author, Healing Facilitator, Medicine Woman, SunDancer, Reiki Master, Pipe Holder, Clairaudiant, Clairvoyant, Earth Astrologer, Ceremonialist, Teacher, Feng Shui Consultant, Artist of handmade Native American Jewelry and Ceremonial Items, Ordained Minister and Owner of The Human Crystal on the Beautiful Island of Maui. She founded Dawn of the Dharmic Day, as an Interdenominational CyberChurch in 1999. Her dream is to bring it to life with a home base on the Island of Maui.

Rev. Laura Penna, Secretary

Rev. Penna is a certified Yoga Instructor who will be opening her own center. Rev. Penna is a Realtor, and mother of two. She is a Divine being who exhibits her Hindu name, “Leela” which means: the divine play of Self; the sport of God; the Dance of Consciousness.




Rev. Christina Barnes, Treasurer
Rev. Christina Barnes is a mother of three, and brings a fresh perspective to the congregation. She is currently continuing her education in Journalism.


If being a Board Member is something which sings to you, contact us at 480.710.7459, or email us. In particular, we are seeking a Public Relations Board Member at this time!

Our Parent Church

As of August 1999, we are officially a congregation of the Universal Life Church (ULC). The basic tenants of the ULC are as follow, and I quote founder, Rev. Kirby J. Hensley, D.D., "The Universal Life Church has only one belief or doctrine. We only believe in that which is right!"

He continues, "Every person has the right to interpret what is right for themselves, as long as it doesn't interfere with the rights of others. You are the judge of your life, and I'm sure that you will do that which is right!"

OUR GOAL - A Fuller Life For Everyone

OUR OBJECTIVE - Eternal Progression

OUR SLOGAN - To Live And Help Live

For more details on the Universal Life Church (ULC), click here for their home page.